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2020 Series
Petzl RopeTrip® Series Benelux

14-15 June 2019

Rope access challenge

The team rope-access competition is the sporting component and centerpiece of the event. Each team of three rope-access professionals participates in several qualifying rounds, designed to be fun and as close to the reality of their everyday jobs as possible. They have to demonstrate mastery of rope-access techniques, coordination, and a complete understanding of the entire system in place. Speed is important, but the judges are especially interested in how well participants follow safety guidelines while moving around at height. The event is open to the public, and the winning team will receive a trophy as well as a guaranteed spot (+ travel expenses) at the 2020 International Petzl RopeTrip®. Skill, speed, and teamwork join forces for an always spectacular event.

The Climb Up Race

Ascending a rope is an essential skill for rope-access work. The Climb Up Race puts this skill to the test in a speed climbing competition. Watch out, they climb really fast!

Rope access symposium

The technical symposium is designed to bring together rope-access professionals, site managers, and contractors that require rope-access services. The symposium includes both presentations and practical workshops.


Friday June 14: SYMPOSIUM

  • 10:00 welcome
  • 10:30 practical info about the day + safety talk
  • 11:00 1st seminar
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13:00 2nd seminar
  • 14:00 3rd seminar
  • 15:00 networking and drinks

Symposium attendees are welcome to attend the evening BBQ and join the group photo on the water tower roof. This laid back evening is a great chance to network and meet the rope-access teams present.

Sarturday June 15: THE CHALLENGE

The Petzl RopeTrip® Challenge in Steenbergen will be open for public and supporters of the teams.

  • 9h welcome and explanation of the challenges
  • 10h kick-off of the first challenges
  • 12h15 lunch
  • 13h45 2nd round of the challenges
  • 16h Speedclimb / Ring My Bell
  • 17h award ceremony
  • 18h wrap up


Steenbergen water tower is a landmark in the southern part of the Netherlands. The tower was rebuilt after World War II and in use until 1998. In 2014, Height Safety Expert, a company that specializes in rope-access instruction, transformed the water tower into a training facility for work-at-height professionals. The tower is 40-meters high, can hold up to 600m3 of water, has numerous confined spaces, and can be accessed by rope from both inside and out. It is the perfect location to host the 2019 Petzl RopeTrip® Series Benelux.




  • The influence of behavior on safety (Arturo Massaro): human error plays an important role in 90% to 95% of all incidents. The development of specific products as well as clear safety procedures and protocols are clearly not enough for prevention. Arturo, an international coach in human behavior and safety, presents his interpretation of our idiosyncrasies in a fun way.
  • Falling objects (Craig Aris): one of the main causes (mortal) of work-at-height accidents. While this is an issue that has started to gain more attention, few people truly understand the dangers involved. Craig Aris (UK) is a specialist in this area, and his presentation will prove to be an eye opener.
  • Legislation and liability (Elko van Petten): Legislation relative to work-at-height continues to evolve. In this workshop, Elko will guide you through the current legislative environment. Do you know what the law requires? Do you understand the risks companies run? Are you making the right decisions for managing your safety?

Practical workshops

  • Elevator platforms: working with basket lifts, group protective equipment. Is clipping into a basket lift an obligation? What are the risks involved and how can we avoid them?
  • “All you want to ask”: we answer questions about the work-at-height profession, techniques, solutions, and products. Enjoy speaking with a specialist.
  • Rooftop photo: participants can climb up to the water tower roof to pose for a group photo. For all those who are motivated!    
  • Putting on a harness and hanging in the air. To better understand fall-arrest systems, hanging in mid air is an eye-opening experience. In a safe environment, you will have the opportunity to better understand the different types of harnesses and how to use the chest and back clip-in points.


Practical information

Steenbergen water tower is easy to travel to when coming from one of the Benelux countries.
Address: Watertorenweg 1A, 4651 AB Steenbergen, Nederland


Participating teams

  1. Neve (B)
  2. CRI (B)
  3. K2 Profshop (B)
  4. All Works At Height (B)
  5. Art & Voltige (B)
  6. Green Peace (Lux)
  7. Height Specialists (NL)
  8. Rope Access Noord (NL)
  9. Fervent & Rope Access Plus (NL)

Unfortunately, you can no longer register as a team to participate in the challenge. To attend the Symposium at the Petzl RopeTrip® Series Benelux you must register beforehand.

To register for the Symposium

Registration fees are 95€ (fees include attending the Symposium presentations and workshops, meals and the group photo on the water tower rooftop).