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2020 Series
Petzl RopeTrip® Series Italy - copyright Giovanni Buffoli Sicurlive Group

5-6 October 2019

France, Sweden, the United States and Germany.

After Crolles, Uppsala, Salt Lake City and Duisburg, this year it is the turn of the national editions, such as Benelux, Spain, Italy and others to follow.

The different qualification rounds will take the best winning teams to the next international edition that will be held in Asia in 2020. So don’t miss the selections of the Italian round of the Petzl RopeTrip® Series 2019.
Skills, speed, safety and teamwork. These are the ingredients of the Petzl RopeTrip®, the event that will take place on October 5th and 6th in Brescia, more precisely at the headquarters of the Sicurlive Group in Passirano. The Petzl RopeTrip® is an international event that since 2012 has been bringing together rope-access professionals from all over the world for a sports challenge that turns into a unique opportunity to share experiences and work techniques, and to discuss all the latest innovations in the sector that allow to raise more and more its safety standards, year after year. The team rope-access challenge has been representing the core of all the editions of the Petzl RopeTrip®, and it will be so for the Italian venue as well.


In addition for you, we have prepared a series of amazing challenges to leave you breathless, in a gymkhana of skill contests that will unfold before the judges’ watchful eyes. Each team, made of three rope-access operators, will take part into various qualification competitions, conceived as a sport and game program indeed, but always close to rope access real work. A challenge that will first require a great mastery of rope access techniques, besides the ability to move and work in a team, in a coordinated manner, demonstrating familiarity and knowledge of all work tools and techniques necessary to optimize effort, time and results.


The speed of execution is an important parameter, but the judges will first verify that all participants follow the safety protocol. At the end of the qualifications, the best and most efficient teams will compete in the semi-finals and then in the finals. Well, an event that should not be missed!

Saturday 5th October 2019

  • 8:30 Welcome & PPE Check
  • 9:30 Useful Information (Regulation and Description of the Competitions)
  • 10:00 1st Seminar: Presentation of the Petzl Pro 2020 New Products
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:30 2nd Seminar: Technical Rescue
  • 12:30 Lunch Break
  • 14:00 Start of the Competitions (Qualification of the 4 Teams for the Semi-finals)
  • 18:30 End of the Competitions
  • 19:30 Dinner and Party

Sunday 6th October 2019

  • 10:00 Semi-finals
  • 12:30 Lunch Break
  • 14:30 Finals
  • 17:00 Award Ceremony
  • 18:00 Farewell


Sicurlive Group is a training center of 5000 square meter designed for training and mutli-purpose classrooms for courses of theoretical supply https://sicurlivegroup.it


Please note

The regulation and application forms will be soon available online. In case of rain, the event will be put off to the following weekend (October 12th – 13th)

Would you like to watch the performances of these people fond of the vertical world? Come and visit us! Free Entrance For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Don’t waste time: come and see this amazing event!


Useful information

Sicurlive Group can be reached from Autostrada A4 Torino – Milano.
Exit: Ospitaletto.
Sicurlive Group - sede operativa via Vittorio Veneto 219 ospitaletto (BS)

General regulation Petzl RopeTrip® Italian Series 2019




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To register, please send your applications to ropetripitalia@petzl.it

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