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2020 Series

18-20 October 2019

Petzl RopeTrip® Series Malaysia

This Petzl RopeTrip® Asia series will be held at SPACERUBIX (Malaysia) on the 18 - 20 October 2019. This Malaysia series serve as a qualifer for the upcoming Petzl RopeTrip® in 2020. Those who attain high score in the series will secure a spot in the Petzl RopeTrip® representing Malaysia to compete.

Inspirational hub which provides various facilities as well as integrated social and developmental programs for community within an accessible, safe and supportive environment. Access to shared spacess to meet, discuss and share ideas. Free WIFI access through the complex, smoke-free, 24 hours security enhanced by CCTV protection and F&B service at cafe on site.


More information and registration on petzlropetripmalaysia@gmail.com