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The Petzl RopeTrip is coming soon! We have put together a special selection of technical tips for the occasion. These tips are more than a review of the basics; they may give you some insight into the competition... So, are you up for the challenge?

Tip n° 1

Before you do anything, remember to carry out a PARTNER CHECK prior to starting each event




What to look for:

  •  Helmet: properly positioned on the head, chinstrap attached
  •  Harness: webbing straps adjusted and stowed under elastic retainers, carabiners locked, lanyards properly installed on harness, CROLL cam closed, ASAP correctly connected to the fall-arrest attachment point on harness.

Check that you have all the equipment required for the challenge ready on your harness.


Tip n° 2

Review the classic move: passing a re-belay on the ascent

Passing a re-belay on ascent

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Tip n° 3

Some advice for a short down-climb without your descender!

Short down-climb on ascenders

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Tip n° 4

Optimize your hauling by studying efficiency based on the device used at the head of the system

I'D efficiency at the head of the system

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Tip n° 5

Rescue techniques: Do you know how to rescue a victim suspended on a long rope?

Release and rescue of a co-worker suspended on a long rope

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